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How to Invite All on Facebook Pages


Facebook Page likes:
On June 8 we talked about FB pages new feature where you can invite to like your page all those who liked your posts (especially those you boosted) but didn’t like your page. (Link to that post is here

We figured out how to get that Invite All button when we want it – it’s not from FB Page Manager, it’s actually from your personal profile then you go to settings > my pages > and you go to your page notifications. You will see notifications such as “Jane Doe and John Doe liked your post. Help them see more by inviting them to like your page”. You click on that type of notifications and ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE this INVITE ALL button.

Screenshots below how to get to your page via your profile and notifications offering you this Invite All option.

How GoDaddy Hosting Limits Your Resources

If you struggle with GoDaddy’s file manager limit – here is what I found out. The hard way.

GoDaddy limits your resources when you are taking more than others hosted on the same server. You are not using all your resources, but you are using more bandwidth than others which triggers clampdown on your activity and you have to give up. It’s not an option – you are forced to give up because no site works. Everything stops.

Today I was uploading favicon to one of my pages. It was 47KB and the upload stopped because all the data transfer stopped because of this limitation. So I waited a bit, and once it calmed down, I continued.

Disclosure: I am using GoDaddy Ultimate shared hosting plan for 13 of my pages with literally no traffic, no heavy media, and 4 sites are AMP enabled – meaning they are as plain as they can be. The only thing that GoDaddy recommends is 10 sites or less for a hosting plan of this size.

Next time we’ll talk about file usage limits on GoDaddy.