What is SQL And Why Is It Used by Digital Marketers?

Why is SQL important in marketing industry?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used to manage and manipulate relational databases used in a variety of industries and applications, from managing customer data in marketing to tracking financial transactions in banking.

In this article we will examine the far-reaching results of SQL functionalities in digital marketing as it pertains to gaining insights into customer behavior and subsequent targeted and personalized ad approaches that are more likely to drive customer engagement and conversion.

Main Reasons Behind SQL’s Wide Adoption in Digital Marketing

Campaign optimization resulting from SQL-provided data analysis of website traffic, social media engagement, ad performance metrics.

It is used as a database of customer profiles containing info such as contact details, purchase history, and behavioral data.

It helps automate marketing campaigns by analyzing customer data and as a result helps create targeted email campaigns or retargeting ad campaigns based on specific customer behaviors.

SQL is most useful when creating customer segments based on shared characteristics across demographic, behavioral, psychographic, or geographic spheres. Marketing campaigns customized to target specific segments of customers are more likely to resonate with each group.

Those targeted campaigns can be fine tuned to create personalized marketing experiences, e.g. personalized product recommendations or tailored email marketing messages to specific customers.

SQL in Action

Below is a sample SQL code aiming to create bahavioral segments of customers most likely to make a purchase on an e-commerce website.

    WHEN num_purchases > 0 THEN 'Purchaser' 
    WHEN num_cart_adds > 0 THEN 'Cart Abandoner' 
    WHEN num_pageviews > 0 THEN 'Browser' 
    ELSE 'Non-Visitor' 
  END AS user_type, 
  COUNT(DISTINCT user_id) AS num_users 

This SQL query generates a behavioral report that segments users into four categories:

  • Purchasers (users who have made a purchase),
  • Cart Abandoners (users who have added items to their cart but not completed a purchase),
  • Browsers (users who have viewed pages on the website but not added items to their cart or made a purchase),
  • Non-Visitors (users who have not visited the website).

Differences Between SQL, T-SQL, and mySQL and Their Use in Digital Marketing

While all three (SQL, mySQL and T-SQL) are used to manage and manipulate relational databases, they are often used together to create and manage large databases in a variety of industries and applications.

  • SQL is widely used and supported by many database vendors, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers who need to work with different database platforms. SQL is also relatively easy to learn and use, making it accessible to marketers with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • mySQL uses SQL as its primary language and is popular among digital marketers due to its ease of use, performance, and scalability. mySQL is widely used in e-commerce sites due to its ability to handle high volumes of traffic and transactions.
  • T-SQL is a specific implementation of SQL designed specifically for use with Microsoft SQL Server. It has additional syntax and functionality beyond what is included in standard SQL, but may not be compatible with other database management systems and not widely used by marketers.


Although learning SQL does require some basic knowledge of database concepts and SQL syntax, most people can learn SQL relatively quickly and begin using it to query and manipulate data gaining valuable insights.

This article was originally published on tessadigital.medium.com

The new Global Fintech Startup Ecosystem Report

Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report. Top 3 leading by performance, funding and talent?

Silicon Valley

New York


London claims the third spot 

London and Paris are the only two European fintech ecosystems that made it into the top 10, with London claiming the third spot. Whereas, the US has Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, & Chicago in the top 10. 

Talking about how Europe can create more thriving fintech hubs like London & Paris, Ghei says, “This is a little bit a function of where the capital is. NYC, Boston have multiple local funds that have LPs in local university endowments etc. Europe, in that sense, is rather concentrated on sovereign funds and as a result, these 2 cities have born the fruit of sustained investment.”

“In the next 5 years, I see capital allocations changing geographically in Europe, particularly in Central Eastern Europe where the next fintech hub is likely to emerge,” he adds. 

Additionally, it is the first instalment of the annual sub-sector report series, and this one ranks in the global top 20, and runner-up, Fintech startup ecosystems. These ecosystems are evaluated on five Success Factors, including Performance, Talent, Funding, Focus and Legacy. The top five Fintech startup ecosystems globally in 2020 are Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Singapore and Beijing, respectively.

Google rolling out its December core algorithm update

Just in time for the holidays Google is rolling out another core update which is focused on content. These are the items Google says we should focus on when writing content:

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does the content provide a substantial, complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide substantial additional value and originality?
  • Does the headline and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content?
  • Does the headline and/or page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?
  • Would you expect to see this content in or referenced by a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?

How to get more performance out of your Windows machine.

I’m going to show you how to enable this ultimate power mode to do that on your keyboard, press Windows button on your keyboard. Choose Windows Powershell admin, then you can have to type this command and don’t worry about it. You don’t have to type it up. I’m just going to leave this in the YouTube video description. Once you press enter you’re going to see ultimate performance. Make sure you have good Cooling. And also if you already have this window open go ahead and close it and reopen it again. Don’t forget to follow check out my YouTube. I have about a hundred different.

Your PC is suddenly slow and you don’t know why

When you bought your PC it worked well, and then it started to slow down after a while. Now, there’s many reasons and one of the reasons, why is that is your CPU is throttling. Let me explain what throttling is first.

What is CPU throttling

Here I think of it as the brain and it controls everything inside. Your computer does all the calculations and so on and so forth. You know how when you get a heat stroke you feel slow and lacking energy? Same thing with the CPU when it gets too hot it slows down. Your CPU can recover because it has a built-in program microcode that slows it down. It’s called throttling. What happens is When your CPU is running at a low utilization minds running at 3.9 because it’s doing something right? Now, your normal temperature should be at around 55 to 60 degrees F. I want to see about 55. How do you know if your temperature is at 55 when you don’t have that program?

One thing you can do is download this program called CPU HW Monitor. I’m going to show you that so this is what the CPU might look like. What’s inside the CPU and here it is HW monitor. See that’s the first thing that comes up and you want to do is download this program. You want to install it. I’m going to post this video and you’re going to see the link here: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor-pro.html

What I recommend you to do is press Ctrl shift and ESC to open up the task manager on a right then go to your performance and look at the CPU utilization. And if you scroll down on the left side, you’re going to see that your CPU under Intel Core i7 (yours might be Intel or AMD or something else) look at the temperature and see how hot it’s running – running at about I don’t know between 50 to 60 degrees, which is fine because It’s doing something I’m not worried about the cooling at all. You can always improve cooling but sometimes it could be running at 60, 70, 80, degrees while not doing anything or a might be doing something. This could be due to malware on your computer, but I’m going to talk about this in the future.

Once again download the hardware monitor see if you CPU is running hot. Look inside your computer and see if that bad boy is looking like it’s full of dust. In that case you may have issues with your fan and may need to replace your fan. We’re going to talk about the cooling you can go you can get one of these fans and added a tad like an exhaust fan to make it a little bit better cool.

How COVID catapulted e-commerce from 2020 to 2030 in just 9 months

Target set a sales record as its same-day fulfillment services grew 273% in the quarter. Both retailers have also invested in online grocery, with Walmart today offering grocery pickup and delivery services, the latter through partners. In Walmart’s case, the pandemic helped drive e-commerce sales up 97% in its last quarter. Target has also just now rolled out grocery pickup and runs delivery through Shipt.

Amazon, naturally, has also benefited from the shift to digital with its recent record quarterly profit and 40% sales growth.

The growth in e-commerce due to the pandemic has set a high bar for what’s now considered baseline growth. In the first quarter of 2020, department store sales and those from other “non-essential” retailers declined by 25%. The shift away from physical stores was already underway, but we’ve now jumped ahead in time as to where we would be if a health crisis had not occurred.

This is a similar trend to what other industries have seen as well, including things like streaming/cord cutting, gaming and social video apps, and more. As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world, more consumers have begun shopping online in greater numbers and frequency. Clothing, for example, declined in importance as more consumers began working and schooling from home, as well as social distancing under government lockdowns. According to new data from IBM’s U.S. However, other categories, including groceries, alcohol and home improvement materials, accelerated, by 12%, 16% and 14%, respectively.
The report suggests that department store retailers will need to more quickly pivot to omnichannel fulfillment capabilities in order to remain competitive in the new environment. E-commerce also accounted for 16.1% of total retail sales in Q2, up from 11.8% in the first quarter of 2020.

The questions that IBM’s report aims to answer is how much of this pandemic-fueled online spending is a temporary shift and to what extent is it impacting longer-term forecasts? The answer, at least in this estimate, is that this pandemic pushed the industry ahead by around five years. Retail Index, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years. Meanwhile, e-commerce is projected to grow by nearly 20% in 2020.

The pandemic has also helped refine which categories of goods consumers feel are essential, the study found. Specifically, they will need to drive traffic to their stores through services like buy online and pickup in store (BOPIS), and will need to offer an expanded set of ship-from-store services.

Large retailers like Walmart and Target have embraced omnichannel fulfillment to their advantage. According to the Q2 2020 report from the U.S. Both reported stellar earnings this month thanks to their earlier investments in e-commerce. This grew to a 75% decline in the second quarter.

The report indicates that department stores are expected to decline by over 60% for the full year. Department stores, as a result, are seeing significant declines. Census Bureau, U.S. retail e-commerce reached $211.5 billion, up 31.8% from the first quarter, and 44.5% year-over-year.

5 Best digital tools

  1. Design 3D – There are zero templates inside ScreenSpace Mockup — everything you create is completely custom to you. When you’ve designed exactly the mockup you want, it’s rendered on the fly on our cloud render farm in pixel-perfect 4k quality.
  2. Data trends monitoring – Awario monitors every corner of the Web for mentions of your keywords in real time, ensuring you are the first to know about the conversations that can impact your business so you can react to them promptly, before anyone else. There is a free trial of one month. Next tier is $29 a month.
  3. Buzzsumo for analytics – Who hasn’t heard of Buzzsumo. There is a 7 day free trial no credit card required. Otherwise the cheapest plan is $79 a month. Things they offer are content and influencer research, monitor a brand, keyword to stay on top of any topic. Find most popular questions asked on forums (this comes with the $139 a month plan)
  4. Marketfox – project management platform – Marketfox is designed to help your small and medium business manage every aspect of your company, from lead management to marketing and reporting of financials. Their AI keeps learning data patterns and changing accordingly.
  5. Mobile design best practices – Apps are now a mainstream, trusted way to deliver content and services. But in a crowded market, how does a mobile app become useful, relevant, and valued so it delights and retains users?


How to Delete Your Past Facebook Activity

The US presidential elections are today. Many of us will soon come to regret things we did or said on the political battleground of social media world. 

The US presidential elections are today. Many of us will soon come to regret things we did or said on the political battleground of social media world. 


— Because more often than not we’d discuss those controversial topics using emotions instead of reason. Those comments, born out of emotional thinking are then left abandoned and forgotten somewhere in the Facebook universe waiting to resurface the next time someone decides to look us up.

That’s why Facebook’s new Manage Activity feature is the best thing since sliced bread. Here is how you remove your past activity from Facebook.

Facebook Personal Profile Organic Reach: an experiment

Conclusion: If we don’t interact with our friends’ posts, Facebook will eventually stop showing their activity in our news feed. However, it will continue showing comparable number of sponsored ads. This makes me wonder if CTR would potentially be higher when targeting active users who barely interact with friends on Facebook (eg. fear of visibility, shy, stalkers, etc.)

The Experiment:

I created a new Facebook private profile where I added 30+ close friends who are also associated with my old profile (the two profiles are not connected in any way).

In the following 2–3 months I posted several times a week: text posts (no links), some posts had photos, some had tags of friends, many had heavy engagement, and few had no engagement. I responded to almost all the comments. I also never interacted with friends’ posts in my news feed.

The result?

In the first few weeks my news feed was packed with friends’ activity. Over time their activity appeared to be less frequent. Last couple of weeks only handful of friends’ posts have appeared in my news feed and most were 1–2 days old (interesting to note that those posts were of friends I had tagged on several occasions). After investigating I discovered that lack of activity in my news feed was not due to general lack of activity: their timelines appeared packed with fresh posts but Facebook simply wouldn’t show them in my news feed.

First published on Tessadigital.medium.com

Digital marketing jobs are not an obscure marketing category any more

So I have been looking into digital marketing positions (mostly those posted on Linkedin) and have noticed that even though there are plenty of positions available, about 90% of them require candidates to have tons of experience, knowledge, passion etc etc while also designating the position as ENTRY LEVEL.The absurdity of this is obvious – most of the recruiters are still rocking that same old mindset “Let’s hire some students to intern for us and we’ll pay them in RedBull”.But laws of supply and demand are changing this trend to the advantage of job seekers.The position title below is Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist.

Instagram black hat practices

73 Instagram follows in 7 hours.

All by no-name accounts with less than 5 posts, less than 20 followers and hundreds of follows. They are obviously building their accounts. So many similarities make me believe all the accounts are owned by the same people.

Facebook has been cracking down on fake accounts both on FB and IG, that’s not a secret. It’s not a secret they’ve intensified their operations in the past months to the point you can’t even open a new account ESPECIALLY if you are using the same name, IP, location, phone number, etc as you did in any of your past accounts (regardless of the past account status).

As a result we are seeing substantially more desperate people in discussion groups looking for aged accounts for purchase and strategies how to grow them without triggering a ban.

So, when I saw 73 followers in 7 hours I immediately changed all my login info and added 2FA. But I haven’t stopped there: I also removed most of those followers. That is for several reasons – some of them being the quality of your account depends on your followers’ engagement, and if possible I’d prefer to fly under the radar when it comes to being targeted by hackers for aged, reall followers accounts. Because that happens with IG – more often than you can imagine. We’ll talk about that in the next post.

Best smartphone remote control software as tested by Tessa Digital

Looking to remote control your elderly parents’ smartphone (to fix stuff)? Use GoToAssist Customer app for them and GoToAssist desktop for you. You have 7 day trial version. Monthly subscription is $90 so it’s not worth it but this one is the only one that works …with few glitches so be patient and make sure you use web view – downloading desktop app is not worth it.I am speaking from experience – i tried:

  • Inkwire – horrible to connect and no control
  • TeamViewer – doesn’t have a functional customer app (it does but it’s not functional)
  • Splashtop – unstable, unable to control, just view
  • AirDroid AirMirror – doesn’t work
  • Anydesk – doesn’t work

I am not paid by any of these companies

Instagram Will Enable New Advertisers to Create Ads Without Linking to a Facebook Page

“You can now create Instagram ads without having a presence on Facebook. If you are promoting a post from your Instagram business account for the first time, you won’t have to connect to a Facebook ad account or Facebook Page.”

Here is how:

1 Go to your profile

2 Tap the post you’d like to promote

3 Below the post’s image, tap ‘Promote’

4 Fill in the details of your promotion by setting things like ‘Destination’ (where to send people), ‘Audience’ (who you want to reach), ‘Budget’ (how much you want to spend daily) and ‘Duration’ (how long you want your promotion to run). Tap ‘Next’ once you’ve completed these details

5 To complete your promotion, tap ‘Create Promotion’ under ‘Review’Instagram notes that the option will only be available to new Instagram advertisers in the US and Turkey at this stage.

How to speed up your PC boot time via msconfig

Computer faster in 20 seconds go to the search bar and type in run when you’re done. Click on run in the Run box type Ms. Config and press OK in the window that opens up click on Services then click on hide. All Microsoft Services uncheck the apps that you don’t want to start with Windows. If you’re not sure check the manufacturer, for example, I don’t use CyberLink. So I’ll go ahead and check it then press OK click restart. And after you restart, these apps will not load. That means they’re going to use less RAM and CPU push will make your computer faster.

Let’s talk about online trolls


a case in point showing how online trolling (and consequential virality) works. Screenshots show the tactics employed while metrics support my assumptions. The post is organic from a 21 followers page.



Word ‘trolls’ really doesn’t apply to the advanced tactics these commentators undertake. Nowadays they are organized, come in groups, united in their goal which is usually to be the opposing side of an issue and drown the voices of regular visitors in the number of their comments. If anyone knows the word for this type of organized trolling, please share.

I have a new current events fact-checking Facebook page. I’ve had it for about 2 months and have only 21 followers, 16 likes and not looking to grow the audience right now.

About two weeks old post about police brutality has gained modest traction as some 10 non-fans shared and reacted. But somehow the post caught attention of a troll. That was less than 24 hours ago. Since then this post gained 75 reactions and comments which drowned every other comment. Nobody responded to their comments, so there is no discussion or conflict. Yet. But if anyone did respond, this would be ugly.

This example shines a light on manipulation of online attention: not only is it impossible to see others’ opinions but this flood of unified message is drowning the fact that the event had occurred regardless of anyone’s opinion. A random visitor sees 75 people pointing out the sky is green, they too may think 75 people cannot be wrong.

*Note: in order to avoid conflict on your page you may attempt to hide or delete problematic comments. This is fine while its manageable. But an army of organized trolls can and will overwhelm you at which point you can only delete the post – or risk them spread through your page and do intentional damage.
Original link from the picture: https://twitter.com/_popaboywill…/status/1267257954048278529


How to Invite All on Facebook Pages


Facebook Page likes:
On June 8 we talked about FB pages new feature where you can invite to like your page all those who liked your posts (especially those you boosted) but didn’t like your page. (Link to that post is here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=578817226087921&id=227596434543337)

We figured out how to get that Invite All button when we want it – it’s not from FB Page Manager, it’s actually from your personal profile then you go to settings > my pages > and you go to your page notifications. You will see notifications such as “Jane Doe and John Doe liked your post. Help them see more by inviting them to like your page”. You click on that type of notifications and ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE this INVITE ALL button.

Screenshots below how to get to your page via your profile and notifications offering you this Invite All option.

How GoDaddy Hosting Limits Your Resources

If you struggle with GoDaddy’s file manager limit – here is what I found out. The hard way.

GoDaddy limits your resources when you are taking more than others hosted on the same server. You are not using all your resources, but you are using more bandwidth than others which triggers clampdown on your activity and you have to give up. It’s not an option – you are forced to give up because no site works. Everything stops.

Today I was uploading favicon to one of my pages. It was 47KB and the upload stopped because all the data transfer stopped because of this limitation. So I waited a bit, and once it calmed down, I continued.

Disclosure: I am using GoDaddy Ultimate shared hosting plan for 13 of my pages with literally no traffic, no heavy media, and 4 sites are AMP enabled – meaning they are as plain as they can be. The only thing that GoDaddy recommends is 10 sites or less for a hosting plan of this size.

Next time we’ll talk about file usage limits on GoDaddy.

Facebook tips: How to See the Relationship History of Any Two People on Facebook

Facebook Tip #33: How to See the Relationship History of Any Two People on Facebook

1. Navigate to the profile of the first people you want to see and make a note of their username. You can find it in the URL.

2. Repeat the process for the second person you want to see.

3. In your browser’s address bar, type www.facebook.com/friendship/[username 1]/[username 2]/, replacing the usernames as appropriate.

Press Enter.Now you should be able to see all public posts where the two people tagged each other.

Best time to post to Facebook for best engagement rate

Experience shows Wednesdays morning to mid-afternoon are times when Facebook gets most attention. Also, most marketers know this so you may want to explore your audience habits. This also depends on industry you advertise in and on your targeted demographics. Depends on the topic too – some things never go unnoticed: kittens, puppies, toddlers and puppies, and nudity.

How to see your campaign results by changing your Ad Manager columns view

How to see your campaign results by changing your Ad Manager columns view

Here is a 2 minute video how you can change your results view to see basic metrics for your campaign. I am using my own customized preset view named “MihaelaDefault” which I updated by excluding couple of columns and saving the preset. You can do that too.

Basic columns:

  • results – results of your selected campaign eg. page likes, call now clicks, website views etc.
  • reach – how many people had this ad in their view (most probably seeing it)
  • impressions – how many times the ad showed up regardless of being seen
  • CTR (clickthru rate – % of people who clicked on this ad on purpose and went to your website,
  • watched your video, liked your page, etc. Generally everything above 2-3% is good.
  • CPC (cost per click)not as important because it takes into account accidental clicks
  • Cost per result – this is cost per your goal – goal of the campaign.

How to overcome GoDaddy shared hosting file limit

If you struggle with GoDaddy’s file manager limit – here is what I found out. The hard way.

GoDaddy limits your resources when you are taking more than others hosted on the same server. You are not using all your resources, but you are using more bandwidth than others which triggers clampdown on your activity and you have to give up. It’s not an option – you are forced to give up because no site works. Everything stops.

Today I was uploading favicon to one of my pages. It was 47KB and the upload stopped because all the data transfer stopped because of this limitation. So I waited a bit, and once it calmed down, I continued.

Disclosure: I am using GoDaddy Ultimate shared hosting plan for 13 of my pages with literally no traffic, no heavy media, and 4 sites are AMP enabled – meaning they are as plain as they can be. The only thing that GoDaddy recommends is 10 sites or less for a hosting plan of this size.

Next time we’ll talk about file usage limits on GoDaddy.

Post-Corona Work Habits Changes

Stability, digital and agility will be priorities. Going forward investment decisions will be made based on digital-first and stability.

Platforms that enable local sourcing: because of global limitations, at this time of crisis it is local suppliers and distributors that have come through with the goods. The only thing missing is a digital tool to help meet the demand.

So big chains are losers and local suppliers winners in a national crisis.

Work from Home gains credibility

I can imagine a situation where some organisations will want to keep some face-to-face time an option. Imagine cost the company could cut with less space to rent, less equipment and tech and probably no workers comp claims. This reason alone is enough to believe we probably won’t go back to mass scale working spaces with everyone in one place.

Work from home job search platforms are plentiful. Just check out this list of job search platforms here.

Your value will be determined even more so by what you produce

In WFH scenario, your outcomes, the value you add and what you produce will be brought to the fore simply because people can’t ‘see’ you.

Soft skills will win big

Tech savvy and those with emotional intelligence strong enough to navigate the absence of body language communication as well as shy people online communication gives you the ability to pause for thought, edit, and carve out a voice for yourself.

Virtual events will be a permanent feature

Its funny to think that virtual events were looked down on by many people just a month or two ago .

Actually, because the cost is drastically reduced online, you can bring more regular events, with great content, directly to people that need it, when they need it.

Business travel will become less essential

Of course business travel will still be a thing. Some things just are better in person. But in general all those in person people will feel the need to master online networking too. In other words – business travel is up in the air.

Precedents are being set that we haven’t yet anticipated

Even though much has been left to chance rather than rules in this pandemic, we need to be careful that this does not continue and we dont fully provide away our rights to virtual privacy.

How to export Facebook campaign from one ads manager to another

How to Export Facebook Campaign From One Ads Manager and Import it to Another

How to export Facebook campaign from one ads manager and import it to another
Note: once you import the campaign, go to the ad set and click SAVE under your custom audience created in the original account. This audience is still here but not saved in your account.
Note re file: if errors come up during import, just open the .csv file and delete values next to problem parameters. Save the file again (don’t worry if it shows up as .txt file now) and upload it. You are done.

How to export Facebook campaign from one ads manager and import it to another

How to export Facebook campaign from one ads manager and import it to anotherNote: once you import the campaign, go to the ad set and click SAVE under your custom audience created in the original account. This audience is still here but not saved in your account.Note re file: if errors come up during import, just open the .csv file and delete values next to problem parameters. Save the file again (don’t worry if it shows up as .txt file now) and upload it. You are done.

Posted by Tessa Digital on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Post-Corona Changes in Business Practices

Accelerated digital transformation. People are being forced to work from home, but their whole life is being forced to adapt digitally. These behaviors will not disappear once the quarantine is over, it’s very likely that people who have been forced to adopt digital practices will continue these. The companies which are best placed to benefit from the situations are those which offer comfort, convenience or necessity for consumers. For brands there’s space to think about the digitization of your product, not just the delivery.

There is no ‘return to ‘normal’ after this’. Even if things were to rebound 100%, you can’t live through something like this and not remember it. Consumers have every reason to be cautious now and for the foreseeable future.
For instance, we were already seeing consumers pulling back on buying new clothes in favor of thrifting. I think you will continue to see an embrace of thrift, but across more and more sectors. So not just a turn away from fast fashion but a stronger embrace of craft, of do it yourself, of self-sufficiency. ‘How can brands empower consumers to be more self-sufficient?’

At times of crisis innovation flourishes. Contactless solutions may increasingly replace what used to be high-touch activities, such as concerts or fitness, as well as in-demand human tasks like shipping and delivery. Buying a house online? – Totally possible and done in New Zealand.

Some Opportunities and Start Preparing for Downsides
Eight-hour workdays no longer exist. Being online all the time will also change the typical workday. This requires employees to set clear boundaries, apportioning their family time, personal time, leisure time, and sleeping hours. Otherwise, they risk an unbearable day and decreased quality of life.

Increased use of temporary and part-time workers. Companies scarred by the response to the pandemic will be reluctant to add full-time roles when they could add flexible roles instead. There is no need for those long powerpoint presentations, as agendas are more focused, enabling meeting times to be cut dramatically.

Fewer middle managers and consultants. With their digital transformation, companies will need far fewer middle managers, project managers, and executive assistants. Managers’ jobs should be changed into team leadership roles where the managers produce and coach. Instead of consultants that do management’s work, companies should give the challenges to their own employees who know the business far better than any consultant.

Cutting back business trips. The pandemic has shown us we don’t need to fly to Shanghai or Zurich for business reviews. Using videoconferencing programs, like Zoom or Skype, meetings can be just as effective online.

Renewed focus on outcomes instead of controlling employees’ time. The role of leaders will shift to further attention on empowering their employees, energizing them around a common mission, and measuring the outcomes of their work. Instead of measuring employees’ inputs, companies will shift to results and forward-looking metrics like market share and customer feedback.

Gmail on Android: How to set notifications for a specific type of emails

Here is how:

  1. Open the Gmail app on your phone.
  2. Tap the three-line menu icon in the app’s upper-left corner, then scroll all the way down the main menu and tap “Settings.”
  3. Tap the name of your Gmail account, then tap “Notifications” and make sure the option is set to “All.”
  4. Tap “Inbox notifications” and make sure the box next to “Label notifications” is unchecked.
  5. Next, tap “Manage labels” and find your “VIP” label in the list. Tap it, make sure its “Sync messages” option is set to “Last 30 days,” and make sure both “Label notifications” and “Notify for every message” are checked.
  6. Look through the rest of the labels in the list—any labels for which you don’t want to receive notifications—and make sure those same boxes are unchecked for all of them.
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